One more airline company conquers Dagestan sky

On the day before Dagestan airport has a YAK-42 airplane of company "Interavia". One hundred residents of Makhachkala were the first passengers of the new evening flight Moscow - Makhachkala. With the exception of two scheduled flights, a third was added. 

According to Dagestan Airlines management and the company "Interavia" This contract is a mutually beneficial cooperation. The representatives of the "Interavia" and Dagestan Airlines receive a portion of the income, and the passengers - the comfortable flight. 

The company "Interavia" is only four years old. The attention of the company, of course, is for the safety of flights. And the price of the ticket is still relatively small - five and a half one thousand rubles. Such a cost is also convenient for those who prefer ground transportation, as there are a lot of people who want to 20.00 flight to Moscow.

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