Invasion of Dagestan

Penetration into Dagestan of ideas of radical Islamic current — a vahhabism — has begun in the end of 1980th years. [1 one of Dagestan vahabitians was Bagauddin Kebegov, established(installed) during the First Chechen war close contacts to Arabian mercenary Khattabom and the Chechen field commanders. [1] after Dzhokhara Dudaev's destruction and the termination(ending) of the First Chechen war supporters of a vahhabism began to win promptly positions in the Chechen Republic that was promoted by a policy(politics) of president ЧРИ Zelimkhana Yandarbiev. [1]

In 1997-1998 in the Chechen Republic has received a political asylum some tens (on other data — some hundreds) the Dagestan Islamites. The part from them was at war on the party(side) of separatists during the First Chechen war, others participated in Dagestan салафитском a underground, for what in the Dagestan were in search. From them Багауддин Кебедов, at material support of the Chechen field commanders, has created and has armed independent fighting formations. It(he) has declared(announced) intention to transform Dagestan in the independent Islamic state and has begun preparation of the armed struggle against the "proRussian" management(manual) of republic. [1] it has generated a certain similarity of the government in exile, having named its(his) Islamic Dagestan. At participation Кебедова and its(his) supporters in April, 1998 in Terrible constituent congress of the organization « the Congress of people of Ichkeria and Dagestan » (КНИД) which head became Shamil Basayev took place. [1] Idea of creation of this organization was conformable to idea of many Chechen field commanders — « to clearing of Muslim Caucasus of the Russian imperial yoke ». [1] Under aegis КНИД the armed formations, including « the Islamic international peace-making brigade » about which ordered Хаттаб have been created. [1] КНИД repeatedly acted with threats to address of « the proRussian management(manual) » Dagestan, accusing it(him) in prosecution of local moslems, declaring about « absence of legitimate authority » in republic and т. Item [1]

Per 1999 insurgents Кебедова have started to get fine groups into Dagestan and to create in remote mountain settlements military bases and warehouses of the weapon. In June-August, 1999 there were the first стокновения between проникшими to Dagestan insurgents and the Dagestan militia as a result of which was lost and some militiamen have been wounded. Authorities of Dagestan have called federal armies to lead large-scale military operation against Islamites.

Кебедов persuaded the Chechen field commanders to help(assist) the Dagestan moslems in « clearing of the sacred Dagestan ground of occupation incorrect ». Thus it(he) approved(confirmed), referring to the relatives and supporters in Dagestan, that in case of input of groups of Islamites to Dagestan the overwhelming majority of the population of Dagestan will support(maintain) them and will lift general antiRussian revolt. КНИД, headed by Shamilem Basayev and Хаттабом, has agreed to render military assistance Кебедову, and also has called for it(this) other field commanders (all has gathered about 40 commanders of different levels, including Арби Бараева, Рамзана Ахмадова, Абдул-Малика Межидова and others).

Decision КНИД to render military support to groups Kebedova (which by then already incorporated a little сот well armed fighters) was influenced with the conflict taken place in 1998-1999 in a management(manual) of the Chechen Republic between supporters of a rate of Aslan Maskhadov ("moderated"("moderate")) and "radicals" (oppositional Шурой led by Shamilem Basayev), and also unwillingness to deny assistance to coreligionists, many of which were at war on the party(side) of the Chechen separatists in the First Chechen war.

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