10 Killed in Dagestan

Russian forces on Friday raided a forest camp in the volatile North Caucasus province of Dagestan, leading to a shootout in which six suspected militants, a police officer and an Interior Ministry servicemen died, authorities said.

In separate incidents in Ingushetia, another neighboring province of Chechnya, unidentified assailants shot and killed an officer of the Federal Security Service (FSB) — the successor to the KGB — and a gunman fatally shot a police lieutenant in his car at point blank range.

Two other FSB officers were seriously wounded in the first attack.

The government forces in Dagestan, which lies east of Chechnya, were conducting a security sweep in the province's Buinaksk district when they raided the camp, an Interior Ministry spokesman said. Authorities said several guns and a makeshift grenade were found at the site.

Bombings against police convoys and other representatives of federal authority, once common, have diminished in recent years in the region. But the last few weeks have seen a spike in attempted attacks against police.

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